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Employee Engagement Tools Combined With Micro-Learning - The Future?

Employee engagement tools and micro-learning has become an explosive mixture amongst a lot of major organizations today. Many Fortune 500 companies are utilizing the benefits of a micro-learning software platform to reach their employees and improve employee engagement. So what is it all about? And why has it become so important?

Well, firstly, micro-learning in the corporate world relates to the process of altering whatever training programs you have into smaller courses that can be taught over time in bite-sized chunks. The approach has been reaping rewards for many businesses due to employees being able to learn content specifically suited to their job roles that can be applied immediately. Micro-learning and employee engagement software in general have seen a general boost due to the way that we are now using technology and consuming content. Social platform engagement, seen on the likes of Twitter and Vine, has really hit home how important it is for PR departments to have short and snappy content. Because of this focus on faster, shorter content, it's only natural that employees need to operate at speed without having lengthy training courses in the way. So a need has developed for shorter training programs and software that feature more relevant, 'need-to-know' information to a specific role, as opposed to knowledge that is not required for that particular employee in their role. The benefit of this method of employee training is that it also saves time and money. It's also more appreciated by employees and managers alike because the right employee engagement platform software can do a good job of creating engagement and helps promote employee recognition too.

The team at Jubi, Inc. has created tools suited to just these scenarios – and we've also 'gamified' the process too. Employees will have fun when training on the Jubi software platform; and managers will love our easy-to-use employee engagement tools. Take your employee training into the future with Jubi. To schedule a demo of our software platform, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.