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Employee Engagement Tools And Techniques - Why They Are So Important

Employee engagement tools and techniques have become an important part of organizations' employee engagement efforts in today's corporate landscape. Many of these tools and methods are associated with learning and driving professional knowledge in employees – and there are very good reasons as to why this is the case.

A global survey in 2014 by HR specialist Aon Hewitt found that individual growth opportunities were the single most significant driver of employee engagement; as well as the most significant driver in general in a job role. It's no surprise, therefore, that a recognized focus on employee development and learning has been taking place within the corporate world. This need and thirst for knowledge by employees has also driven the growth of micro-learning – a form of learning focused on delivering small, bite-sized chunks of knowledge or skills to employees for immediate use in their everyday job role. A major part of this shift has been the availability and recognition of employee engagement platform tools and employee engagement software. Software can be developed to give employees short, five minute bursts of knowledge and information whilst they have a small break in their work schedule. It is said that on-the-job learning has as much as three times the impact on employee job performance as classroom learning in a more formal environment. But with accessible employee learning software made for any sized screen or platform, on-the-job learning need not be a costly experience – an employee can use their smartphone and dedicated training software to help them learn practical skills for everyday application.

This is exactly what our team at Jubi, Inc. wants to put across. Our employee engagement platform tools and techniques are born out of a great eLearning software experience that is fun, interesting and engaging for your employees by making the learning platform more like a game. If you'd like to see Jubi's software in action, schedule a demo via http://www.getjubi.com/ or call our offices on 678-427-1107.