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Employee Engagement Survey Software - Embrace The Future Of Corporate Learning

Employee engagement survey software and other training software has gradually become more and more important to organizations on an everyday basis. In the past, corporate learning and development organizations did not adapt well to changing trends brought on by new and expanding media – such as internet and mobile internet.

However, there is now a growing appreciation for trying to match the way professionals consume media in their personal lives to how they should learn professional content. So with a lot of media consumption done via social media platforms, there has been a movement towards creating employee engagement platform software that can help engage employees during training and that has the corporate identity of the business. As such, there has been a big shift towards micro-learning on platforms that are built as a social platform. This is because most employees are actively disengaged by classroom training. More than that, for organizations, this form of training is quite costly in terms of money and time. However, bite-sized learning is better appreciated by employees, as it allows them to learn in whatever environment they choose. The bite-sized chunks traditionally take about 5 minutes to complete – meaning that employees can learn in an environment and situation that suits their interests. Not only that, but with the employee engagement software in place, employees can even learn on-the-go via their smartphones or tablets. Learning need not be something to loathe; but something to love.

And our team have taken all of these aspects one step further at Jubi, Inc. We've combined micro-learning with employee engagement survey software that appeals to employees – and even including elements of social gaming and surveys too. Employees earn points for learning from 'quests' and can compete with other employees on your company leaderboard. To find out more, call us on 678-427-1107 or visit our website (http://www.getjubi.com/).