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Employee Engagement Platform – How To Use One

Employee engagement platform: do you know what this is, or is it simply jargon to you? Employee engagement software is the next generation of employee engagement tools. The process of engaging with employees has long been irksome, costly and ineffective for some organizations, but new advances in technology is changing all of that. If you are unsure what to make of the term employee engagement software, and how you might start using it to the benefit of your business, then read on. This is a short guide to what the term really means, and how a cloud-based platform could drive learning, behavioral changes and engagement within your workplace.

What Sort Of Solution Is Employee Engagement Software?

If anything comes to mind when you think ‘employee engagement platform’, then it is likely to be staff surveys. Traditionally, managers have used these to assess how their teams feel about their organization and about their employment in general. These might be issued once a month, or even once a year; but the results and value to the business were always patchy at best. Employee engagement was often thought of as a secondary priority, especially when there is already so much involved in running a company striving towards success. However, the fundamentals of employee engagement, i.e. literally engaging your employees in a discussion about their work, are recognized as being essential to the health of the organization. Most good managers concede that employees who are happy in their roles are infinitely more productive members of a team. Staff retention improves and profit levels rise when staff are engaged. Luckily, these days, there are modern employee engagement solutions which go beyond the annual staff survey. Tools for employee engagement have come a long way with technological advances. Combining sound existing training methodology with cloud-based platforms or social learning platform to drive effective engagement and collective learning that can be easily and realistically measured can take organizations to the next level. Problem solving and innovation become the norm; collaboration and engagement across teams and the business as a whole is improved. And all this can be customized and tailored to the unique requirements of your organization. Instead of paying lip service to employee engagement, it becomes a natural behavior embedded within daily working practices.

Employee Engagement Tools Are Effective And Easy

Employee engagement tools involve devices which provide a much quicker and more effective method for tapping into the public mood than surveys. The interface can depend upon you, and can be as simple as the use of icons to indicate mood. More frequent interactions mean more involved feeling employees. But they also mean much more data, and consequently better analytical tools. With real time employee engagement, you are much better placed to respond to your employees’ needs and opinions. Much as keeping an eye on social media will give you a better and more constant indication of public opinion than reading a monthly poll, so too is engagement software more reliable. A snapshot of a workforce’s mood simply gives you the ability to respond to any issue before it becomes critical. A lot of good software also gives opportunity for engagement never seen before, or otherwise diffuse across different levels. You can incorporate reward schemes and leader boards into a single platform. You can also post ‘to do’ lists with constant real time interaction possible. Networks and discussion boards can also be incorporated for a comprehensive platform on which employees can feel constantly engaged with the work they are doing. The importance of a cohesive platform should not be understated. There is no greater barrier to engagement than a diffuse and inefficient system. Even if it doesn’t physically take much longer to switch between systems, it certainly becomes more of a chore. One of the best and most cohesive platforms out there is currently Jubi, Inc.

The Best Employee Engagement Platform Comes From Jubi, Inc.

Jubi, Inc. provides you with a holistic and comprehensive tool for employee engagement. Our employee engagement software includes all the aspects of employee recognition, engagement and networking that a good employee engagement platform needs to deliver results. We can develop and inspire your team, meaning a more content and more productive workforce, and ultimately, a more profitable company overall. It’s easy and cost-effective to implement and we’d be happy to show you how it works. If you are interested in scheduling a demo with us, you can sign up at http://www.getjubi.com/. You can also phone us on 678-427-1107 if you have any questions for us.