An estimated 10% of the US workforce is composed of the self-employed and it looks like this number is on the rise. Increasingly, talented individuals are choosing to shun corporate life in favor of working for themselves. Can a decent employee engagement platform help a company retain its brightest and best?

The first question must be what is so attractive about becoming your own boss, rather than working for someone else’s company. After all, who would swap the relative security of a steady job which pays a regular wage for the uncertainty of constantly marketing yourself and chasing up new contracts? Part of the answer lies in employees’ increased dissatisfaction with corporate culture: the inability to pursue one’s own fulfilment and job satisfaction, which are often sacrificed on the altar of meeting targets and company profits. Another key reason is the inflexibility of the 9-5 working day. People are seeking more than a work/ life balance. They want their jobs to fit around their lives, rather than the other way around.

But to a company that’s prepared to think more creatively about ‘getting the job done’ and invests in its approach and its people accordingly, these desires held by the most talented people on their teams can be amply met. There’s room for corporate goals to be aligned alongside individuals’ aspirations. The right employee engagement software can be a useful starting point.

Members of staff who feel they are valued by their employers are more likely to deliver better business performance. Employees who are given room to grow personally and professionally are better motivated to achieve, improving the business’ productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction levels. And tools such as a social learning platform can address the flexibility dilemma: workers can access training tools at a time that suits them, rather than during standard office hours.

Will your staff seek out self-employment in their quest for recognition and reward? Or will an effective employee engagement platform help your business recruit and retain the right caliber staff; and grow accordingly?

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