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Employee Engagement Measurement Tools - The Next Generation

Employee engagement measurement tools have been around for a long time – but it is only now that many major organizations are waking up to their importance. Previously seen as a luxury, organizations now realize that employee engagement should in fact be at the heart of everything that they do.

That's because employee engagement software has intersected with societal trends to the point that such crossover has to be acknowledge and developed. But, thankfully, there are a number of organizations already providing these tools and software that can be white labelled and customized to suit particular organization's employee needs and branding. Employee engagement platform and social recognition software has become a veritable vehicle for spreading 'good news' and praising a particular employee amongst their peers and managers. This can be anything from having an employee's everyday hard work noticed, to acknowledgement of their engagement in their individual growth and the learning of new skills. As such, learning plays a big part in engagement. Now there is engagement learning software available that will 'gamify' the process through leaderboards – allowing the workforce to compete against each other in a friendly way during the learning process. Since these leaderboards are accessible to anyone within a particular subsection of an organization, your employees can almost socially self-engage with one another, praise and recognize one another's achievements; it can even create some healthy competition! Importantly, these processes allow you to achieve desired behaviors amongst your workforce and also allows you to identify future leaders at an early stage.

But you need to find the right eLearning and employee engagement measurement tools to achieve such results. At Jubi, Inc., our platform does all of the above. It engages your workforce through micro-learning, awards points to employees who complete 'quests' (modules) and features your employees on a leaderboard that every employee can see. To schedule a demo of Jubi today, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107 to speak to our friendly and helpful staff.