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Employee Engagement Assessment Tools - How The Right Platform Can Help

Employee engagement assessment tools have become a must-have for any organization looking to expand employee engagement. These software tools help you assess how well your engagement programs are going. And a big part of engaging with your employees is via learning that focuses on skills relevant to job roles and is suited to their work schedule.

With the right employee engagement platform software in harness, this is entirely possible to do. But why is training so important to engagement in the first place? Latest Gallup research has shown that the vast majority of employees just aren't feeling engaged in their workplaces and organizations. Over half felt they were “not engaged” while nearly 1 in 5 felt they were “actively disengaged”. And this can have serious consequences on your business. With employees at the heart of what makes your business great, a disengaged employee can quickly become a non-employee. Around 1 in 10 employees leaves their job because they're bored with it. Lack of recognition of an employee's skill-sets and advancement also plays a big part in their decision to quit – and that applies to 1 in 5 employees. So it's clear – you need to keep your employees and engaged and you need to make them feel valued. When combined with the fact that the USA globally ranks only 14th in the attraction, development and retention of employees, there's a clear message here: employees aren't being developed, aren't being appreciated for their qualities, and aren't sticking around. However, there are ways to turn the tide and improve the situation. Micro-learning, for example, combined with employee engagement software can turn things around.

And at Jubi, Inc. our software can do just that. Our eLearning software combines the engagement of micro-learning with the story-like elements of gaming – leaving your workforce to enjoy their learning and feeling rewarded. We also provide employee engagement assessment tools for managers to provide data on how your workforce is using the Jubi platform. For more information, please go to http://www.getjubi.com/ or call us on 678-427-1107.