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Employee Engagement App Software And Strategies

Employee engagement app software is probably what you're looking for. You've no doubt heard about how technology is changing the way employees are being taught in – and out – of the workplace. We're here to tell you about these learning strategies and also advise what software can help you put these strategies into action.

There's been a shift in towards micro-learning in recent years. While not a new concept, there's a buzz about the concept of micro-learning combined with employee engagement software. And this can be further combined with proper tracking and employee recognition software to measure the success of this training and to appreciate your employees’ efforts respectively. There's a definite correlation here: recent technological shifts towards smaller, bite-sized hardware (such as smartphones, tablets and even smart watches) has seen a lot of software developed specifically for reduced screen sizes. With mobile internet recently surpassing desktop internet usage worldwide for the first time, it's no surprise that companies are placing mobile at the heart of their strategies. The e-learning boom has also had to adapt to this shift too – and it has done so by adopting micro-learning. This shift in usage has led learning companies to adopt apps or responsive websites in their strategies when it comes to building their teaching software. Instead of pages and pages of PDFs to read on a small screen, now teaching software and websites are built with these screens in mind. And it’s easy to see how micro-learning fits very well with this strategy; and how it is helping to achieve results for businesses across the world.

At Jubi, Inc., we take this one step further by introducing that crucial element in learning: fun! We have worked to 'gamify' the learning experience – lengthy modules become short 'quests' that earn you points. The more points you have, the higher you are on the company leaderboard. Interested in our employee engagement app like software? Then visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call on 678-427-1107.