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Corporate Training Tools - The Power of Micro-Learning

Corporate training tools are very much sought after today. With more and more organizations realizing that they can no longer sustain their business on the old time-consuming and expensive employee training, they are looking for new ways to engage their employees in the learning process.

A big part of this shift has come from dropping attention spans and societal shifts that has seen short, snappy mobile content taking the place of its once-dominant, bulkier desktop sibling. As such, organizations are seeking relevant employee engagement software to help improve the relationship between business and employee. This starts in the employee training and learning process. So corporate training software is important when it comes to making this shift – as you're going to want to focus on online employee learning. Traditional e-learning is hardly an alien concept these days; but even that is making way for a new form of learning: micro-learning. This sees employee training content delivered to your employees in small chunks instead of via ten-page documents. This can either be done via short, responsive pages of text and images that work well on both mobile and desktop screens; or via audio and video. This trend is particularly noticeable on platforms such as YouTube. Look up any 'how to' – no matter the subject – and it's guaranteed to have thousands of views and be somewhere in the 5 minute region; as opposed to an hour-long explanation. And instead of it being a face telling you what to do, it'll be someone actually videoing the process of performing the task.

Our team – who are experienced in the employee training and learning industry – saw this coming, so we created Jubi. Mixing together the best elements of social media, video capabilities, micro-learning and game-like experiences found on many apps, we have put together corporate training tools that your employees will find fun and engaging. To find out more, go to http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.