Corporate Training Apps – How Apps Are Transforming Employee Training

Corporate training apps and software have become the new must-have for businesses – with so many major organizations investing in new training driven by technological and employee engagement needs. With employees never more disengaged with work life, training needs to change to suit the needs of the workforce.

App culture has played a major part in this shift. As such, companies are now focusing on using employee engagement software – such as mobile-friendly eLearning – to connect to their workforce. This new trend, however, has many other advantages for an organization too. By building an online training platform using corporate training software, the ability to access and mine data about employee learning habits is absolutely priceless. In the past, HR departments were left feeling bemused about how they could demonstrate employee engagement with their training programs. Empirical data was near impossible; with most feedback coming by way of surveys or face-to-face interviews. But with the right platform, organizations can now track the way in which their employees are learning – allowing them to tailor training not just to a group of employees’ needs, but even to an individual’s needs. While this may sound expensive, it need not be; in fact, mobile-based learning has been shown to reduce training costs as well as increasing engagement in learning amongst employees. Effectively, your investment is going further and your employees get more on board with what your business is doing.

With the advantages of such training clear, it goes without saying that this should be your next investment in your organization’s growth. And our team at Jubi, Inc. can help you with this. Our micro-learning software works using cloud-technology responsively across all screens – so no need for any expensive development costs from specific corporate training apps. We provide the platform; and you customize it to suit your organization’s needs. For more information, call 678-427-1107 or visit

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