Corporate Training Software – A Few Reasons To Use Training Software

Corporate training software is changing the way training within organizations is carried out. Traditionally, corporate training needed a few ingredients: a sleek and polished design, some quality content and easy navigability. But these three things are nothing without interaction in the digital age we now inhabit. Sitting your employees in front of a training video and expecting them to apply what they have supposedly learned in their work is no longer a viable option, if it ever was one. Nowadays, you need employee engagement software to implement your corporate training strategies. Let’s look at a few reasons why that is now the case.

Engage Employees With Employee Engagement Software

Back in the days of awkward training manuals, boring face-to-face training sessions or videos, and yearly surveys, corporate training wasn’t as successful as might have been hoped. It’s estimated employees only applied an average of 10% of what they learned in training when it came to the actual workplace. Yet corporate training was and still is a huge industry, costing organizations collectively upwards of $150 billion per annum. It’s a shame to think that money is being wasted. Nowadays, we can implement different strategies in training with corporate training software. Interaction is key to successful engagement. It is almost inherent in the concept. How do you get someone to engage with anything? You design it so that engagement is a necessary part of the program itself. Interaction almost equals engagement, and so if content is interactive, your employee will necessarily be inspired to engage with it. Interactivity describes a good employee training platform. Enhancing exploration is the key to interactivity, and you need to have software which requires employees to explore their digital environment through networks, links and media. Engaging scenarios are another key to interactivity. This can be enhanced by the gamification of training strategies. The effectiveness of a gamified employee learning platform is obvious. You do not need to encourage people to play games; they simply want to. When you remove the element of boredom from the training process, you ensure that employees are better concentrated and spend more productive time on training. This almost guarantees a better trained employee at the end of the process.

Tap Into Employees’ Potential With Corporate Training Tools

Corporate training apps and software tap into your employees’ potential by being able to immediately assess learners’ performance. One major advantage of corporate training software is the ability to assess employees in real time. In doing so, the training program can adjust itself to the employee’s performance and teach them more effectively. This means that the potential of quick-to-learn employees can be stretched, while those who need a little more time are also catered for. Corporate training tools using modern software like employee training tracking software can also dramatically increase the effectiveness of corporate training across the board. Think of the prevalence of apps and software for use in language learning nowadays, and remember the gamified apps employed to teach children at school. These interactive applications work because they bring effective learning strategies to the fore, rather than relying upon the employee’s potentially disengaged initiative. Learning becomes an interactive process rather than the chore of being exposed to information and then being expected to ingrain it in memory. Appealing graphics and reality-based scenarios have been proven to improve learner retention. There is a reason that many educational institutions employ video game style learning platforms for their students. The key, of course, is that we never grow out of this style of learning. In fact, it becomes even more prudent to make learning fun; as adults we can otherwise become disassociated from the learning process. This all makes for better trained employees and a more productive company. The only question that remains is of where to find effective corporate training software. The answer is at Jubi, Inc.

Corporate Training Software That Really Works Brought To You By Jubi, Inc.

Jubi is a learning platform which drives behavioral change and corporate productivity in the digital age. With a perfectly honed piece of corporate training software, we allow you to create the qualified and engaged teams that you and your managers desire. Our learning platform is based on employee engagement software that goes way beyond simple training and the regurgitation of information. If you would like to find out how for yourself, you can go online at Simply sign up and schedule a demo of our product. One of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. If you’d like to talk to us, just phone us on 678-427-1107.

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