Fun Learning = Effective Learning

Making work, learning, or any kind of training fun is not a new concept. When you were a kid, you were probably required to clean your room. However, because your mom wanted you to actually clean [...]

Thursday Introductions | Part II

Happy Thursday! We started this series a few weeks ago, because we believe that both business and learning requires an amazing team. We want you to meet ours! We introduced you to the leadership [...]

Industry Insight | Digital Learning

“Digital learning reflects the shift in learning responsibility from the trainers to the learners themselves, powered by technologies that are enabling people to learn and solve problems on their [...]

Jubi 2.0 Tour

We’re excited to announce and launch Jubi 2.0! We recently made some changes to our platform and we believe it’s better than ever! We’re excited to share a tour of it with you [...]