The Active Learning Trend

“The more learners examine information that they are learning in a context that applies it to real-world job skills or problems, the deeper the learning will be and the longer they will [...]

Modern Learning Maturity | Part I

We love Modern Learning around here! We’re passionate about helping organizations continue to grow and move towards an even better work and learning culture. Because of that, we’ve [...]

Ready to go mobile?

Is your organization ready for a learning change? Feel like you need to make learning and training more accessible to your team? Mobile learning might be the next step for you! “If the goals and [...]

FAQ Series | Part II

Last week we started our FAQ series based on some of the biggest questions we get about modern learning and how Jubi approaches it. Today, we’re diving into 3 more Frequently Asked [...]

Individual Learning

The next trend in learning…put it right into your employees hands! We’ve talked a lot about mobile learning, which is a huge and important learning trend to note. Taking that thought [...]

FAQ Series | Part I

Just about every company has a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section on their website. You may or may not glance through it, but it may have some valuable information that you didn’t realize [...]