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Behavior Tracking Software - How Training Influences Employee Behavior

Behavior tracking software can be incredibly helpful when it comes to enabling you to assess the effectiveness of your current employee training program. This is especially helpful if your business has suffered as a result of poor behavior or habits from your employees (e.g. stock being damaged from poor handling).

Good employee training can help to correct these issues – and that includes good training for your managers and potential leaders too. Installing behavior is somewhat like branding – a homogeneous approach ensures there will be less inconsistency in your workplace. For example, employee training programs for leaders and potential leaders can be important in instilling the ethics of your business. However, this can soon be ruined if they observe a manager – particularly someone they respect – behaving in a different manner to that which they have been taught. That's why it's important for all involved to receive training and for it to be measured to show that these behaviors are being put into place. But, of course, the costs associated with such training are undeniably high – particularly if done physically and if it eats into your employees' working time. So how do you navigate these problems? Well, you can do so via proper use of employee engagement software to help perform training. This type of eLearning can reduce the physical costs and time restrictions associated with training. And with good employee training tracking software in place, you can easily acquire data demonstrating how much your employees are learning.

At Jubi, Inc., we go one step further. Our software utilizes micro-learning and teaches employees using a combination of questions, puzzles and physical tasks in 10-15 minute chunks. With a game-like experience, it encourages your employees to check out their training opportunities in their own free time too. It can also be used as behavior tracking software. Our software's model is built on the principles of 'learn, do and inspire'. To find out more, call us on 678-427-1107 or visit http://www.getjubi.com/.