Industry Insights | How Do I Create an Amazing L&D team?


Welcome to Industry Insights! We believe that it’s really crucial to stay up to date and on trend with what’s happening in the learning and development industry. You can check back here, every Wednesday, for the latest content on what’s happening in the L&D world!

Today, we’re discussing what it takes to build a great L&D team. We love this thought from Gail Dutton over at Training Magazine!

Non-traditional hires can build strong, innovative Learning and Development (L&D) teams, bringing a wealth of skills and perspectives that can help L&D transition from a developer and deliverer of learning to a coach and consultant for the business.

A new and fresh perspective + trying a different approach + giving someone a chance = a great recipe for building a strong and innovative L&D team!

Read more from Gail Dutton on how you can build and amazing L&D team too!

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